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Release Date – 17/11/22

Defmain proudly welcomes talented techno artist Triodo with his intense Nebuloso exploration.
Each track will plunge you into a realm of murky atmospheres. Triodo invokes that torrid and
foggy dancefloor we all enjoy brilliantly. Subtle sound detailing makes Triodo’s music rich and
intriguing to arouse most ferocious techno lovers.

Dropping any of Triodo’s tracks in a room packed with party people will instantly bring them to
the next level of pleasure. Vaporous noises are multi-layered to constitute the Nebulous
definition while precise and thunderous drums render the Nebuloso release.

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Release Date – 03/11/22

Dawless set up is getting popular in live events these days but very few artists are recording
tracks to be released totally live. Slavesstudios has full control of his gear to achieve
recordings in a press record and tweak fashion to retain spontaneity and authentic techno party

Slavestudios musical roots are embedded in techno music. Combined with extensive dj experiences
Slavestudios tracks are unparalleled. Each track of the Graviton EP navigates in futuristic
dark places where you’ll be free to express yourself in body motions. Once captivated by these
abyssal grooves you’ll unconsciously transmit this dark energy that leads everyone on the

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Release Date – 27/10/22

Continuously producing forward thinking Techno D-Source establishes himself as a prolific Techno creator. From pure Detroit techno to avant-garde polyrhythm the Machine ep is brimming with electronic music influences. 

All tracks share the same name but from 0 to 3 all four tracks are pursuing distinctive dancefloor energy. In the real world machines were invented to accomplish specific tasks, D-Source’s Machine tracks were designed for electronic dance music appreciation. 

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Release Date – 15/09/22

From his Dispersive Black Prisms Hisaki13 emanates dark forces that are both intriguing and enchanting. Pulsating rhythm patterns are carefully crafted to entice you in a warm murky place where you will be captivated by relentless grooves. 

Hisaki13 soundscape is immersive and holistic. Whenever you feel your dancefloor is ready to be transported to the next level, have no fear and bring any Hisaki13 track to your deck for an instant voyage. 

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Release Date – 25/08/22

CementO Counter Attack on Defmain Music… that says it all! If you are not already convinced to get these tracks heavy rotation in your next Dj set, be sure that serious dancefloor maestro’s will beat you to the punch. Each track has their own unique character and will stand out in diverse circumstances.

Releasing his music on various labels across the globe CementO is gaining momentum. His Dj skills are fierce and his producing abilities are first-class. Stepping up to the plate with confidence CementO delivers another slammer.

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Release Date – 14/07/22

Talented Mario N brings his Dark Voices to defmain music. Combining dark atmospheric synths with pure techno rhythm Mario N creates mechanically organic tracks that can be enjoyed in the intimacy of your headphone or on massive sound systems.

Produced in respect with classic techno sound all tracks will satisfy all electronic music aficionados and connoisseurs. With a few releases up his sleeves Mario N is emerging as a solid producer, make room in your DJ set for these tracks and let the crowd be effortlessly swept

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Release Date – 23/06/22

Electricity Is Humming is back to defmain music with a three track techno banger. Talented multidisciplinary artist with a natural instinct for producing powerful techno Electricity Is Humming is layering classic techno tonalities with syncopated synth hooks to captivate the audience and intuitively guide them on the dancefloor.


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Release Date – 09/06/22

Close your eyes, let your mind drift into a world filled with noisy mechanical machinery. This world might scare you at first but once you let konphas tame all these sonic creatures this universe will become an exciting adventure. All tracks are built for a massive techno dancefloor and are consistent with the hard techno characteristics but konphas brings it further by adding layers and textures to produce rich tracks with evolving storyline.

Konphas joins the defmain music roster list with this powerful and innovative release. United in the same goal of contributing to the global techno community with creativity they are set to break new musical barriers.

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