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Release Date – 12/06/21

Don’t expect any compromises from Oscar Sanchez as he delivers once again pure techno
mayhem. The kicks are hard, the basses are throbbing and the top-end will set you in
a daze on every track. The mystifying qualities about Oscar Sanchez tracks resides in
the contrast between dark energy production and the reaction that causes massive

Ranging from hypnotic sequence to pure classic techno stab these four tracks will get
you and the crowd in front of you in a dancing mood guaranteed. One of the most
important parts of Djing is the gathering of tracks that will be effective in all
sorts of conditions, so rest assured that any of these tracks will complement your
techno arsenal perfectly. 

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Release Date – 25/05/21

Angle Mort EP was conceptualized by leloopar to explore the idea of creating remixes without having a complete representation of the original. Remixers were sent only key stems without the completed original track, leaving them with only raw materials to craft a version of their own. The samples provided them a glimpse of the track just like in a “Angle mort” or “blind spot” where you can sense something but you can’t make out the complete entity.

Surprisingly all artists fabricated remixes that in combination with each other are forming a well defined ensemble that represent the overall characteristic of the original. 

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Release Date – 11/05/21

D-Source mind bending techno will bring you to a time stretching extravaganza. Mechanically driven bell sounds are in constant playful mode with hypnotical techno patterns.              

Accompany by experienced techno remixers each with a unique approach in sound design. Respecting the essence of both original tracks Yenny Skev, Georg Fischer and leloopar are delivering acute interpretation to contribute to this intense release.

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