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Release Date – 15/12/21

Aimed to be played at high volume on massive sound systems, “Risky Business” was produced with an intense impact on subwoofers in mind. Played on headphones this track will preserve its bass dynamics but will also reveal subtle analog synth propositions. Shuffling classic 909 hi-hats to cut through the mix, leloopar’s provocative producing style remains faithful to pure techno rhythms.

Fusing industrial percussive sounds with raw Detroit synth lines in the title track “Parallel Universe” leloopar’s strong EBM influences emerges without any form of hesitations. Layered voiced synth hooks provide an unusual musical hook that epitomizes the Parallel Universe’s peculiar atmosphere.

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Release Date – 11/11/21

Yenny Skev drops a banger for the second time on defmain music. Lashing out intense patterns on all tracks while retaining deep techno incantation Yenny Skev’s music is made for a serious dancefloor. Soaked in irreverent punk attitude the core of these tracks are retaining all the techno criterias made for partying. 

Already a fierce techno producer Yenny Skev contributes to the techno movement with an original artistic approach, no detour,reaction to sound ratio is constant. Diversity is embedded in techno by the makers that creates it and Yenny Skev brings raw producing skills to make you move…no bs. 

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Release Date – 15/10/21

DAVCH’s stance on life in general is straightforward, no BS. You can expect the same
attitude in his tracks. Techno without detour and purely made to make your body move. However, that doesn’t mean that his explorations and sound designs are to be taken lightly. The sonic characteristics are subtle and unique but it will not distract you from the grooves, making the listening experience enjoyable in practically any

Treat yourself, play them loud, listen everywhere, dance anywhere, have fun!

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