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Release Date – 24/03/22

Electricity Is Humming is back to defmain music with a three track techno banger. Talented multidisciplinary artist with a natural instinct for producing powerful techno Electricity Is Humming is layering classic techno tonalities with syncopated synth hooks to captivate the audience and intuitively guide them on the dancefloor.


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Release Date – 24/03/22

Close your eyes, let your mind drift into a world filled with noisy mechanical machinery. This world might scare you at first but once you let konphas tame all these sonic creatures this universe will become an exciting adventure. All tracks are built for a massive techno dancefloor and are consistent with the hard techno characteristics but konphas brings it further by adding layers and textures to produce rich tracks with evolving storyline.

Konphas joins the defmain music roster list with this powerful and innovative release. United in the same goal of contributing to the global techno community with creativity they are set to break new musical barriers.

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Release Date – 24/03/22 Leloopar uses squawky sounds and harsh harmonics to set the scene in this trailblazing EP. Pushing forward dynamic patterns to mold a new breed of techno cadence, leloopar’s new EP could be challenging to absorb by a conventional clientele but will be highly rewarding for trendsetters and cutting edge techno enthusiasts. Using a minimalistic approach Georg Fischer retains hidden harmonics and cycles them in a hypnotical turmoil. Experienced remixer Georg Fischer has the ability to focus on core sonic features and get them shining from an unforeseen angle. Reverse Stereo is combining retro-futurist sounds with street breakbeat in a unique way. Packed with surprises and stuffed with variations to make your head spins, Reverse Stereo delivers an intense street vibe remix. Check out our release page for audio preview and links

Release Date – 24/03/22

The Universal language of techno is exquisitely articulated by D-Source in this release. From grinding basslines to crystal crisp top end, D-Source’s exposes all his skills to illustrate the global world of techno music.

Individual tracks are an immersive experience, navigating through the entire release will make you realize how vast the techno ecosystem has become.

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